Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Disney Princess Wishes on Ice

This month I had the joy of taking Naomi to Disney on Ice. It was a wonderful show and so magical to watch my daughters eyes and she took it all in. We went with my friend denise and her daughter sarah. We all had a great time.


Hol&J said...

That's awesome! I bet Naomi and Sarah won't forget that day for a long time. Great pictures too. :)

Frances said...


Your girls are beautiful! Looks like you are a great mom! I love being able to see them.

Aubry's Mom

Anonymous said...

Beth said- What beautiful little girls! My they are changing and getting so big. They look like they have such sweet personalities, just like their mother. You are blessed to have such a sweet, sweet familly. Continue to send pictures. We love to see them. Give them a hug for us. Love, Aunt Beth

Denise said...

We had lots of fun. Thanks for going with us.