Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby girls first photo

Yesterday was my 28 week check up and our 4d ultrasound. It was pretty special that naomi got to join me for the event. She is really understanding that we are having a baby and talks about her sister all the time. Unfortuately this is a tiny picture cause I cannot fiugre out how to make it bigger.... but here is the first official 4d photo of baby girl #3. She is scheduled to be delievered by C-Section on October 22, at about 8:30 am. At the time of the ultrasound they thought she weighted about 3 1/2 lbs. We will go back for a second 4d ultra sound on the 29th of this month because this is the only good shot the sonographer could get of her. She did not want to put her hands down from her face. Hopefully in a few weeks she will be a little more "photogenic"

Monday, July 7, 2008

Pops concert and Fireworks!

Fourth of July is probably my favorite holiday. I have the best memories of the 4th from my childhood. Watching the fireworks in Washington DC on the steps of the capital, pops concerts at Carney Park in Naples Italy, and numerous celebrations at Air Force Bases all over the world. For such a "small west Texas town" San Angelo does a bang up job on the fourth. The San Angelo symphony puts on a pops concert on the 3rd of July. It is a fabulous celebration drawing crowds of up to 60,000 people. Making it the 3rd largest 4th of July celebration in the state. On the actual 4th of July the city does a fireworks display at lake Nasworthy as well as colts stadium. This year we went to the pops concert with Ryan's sister Amy and her family, a friend of Amy's from nursing school and Russ ... Ryan's boss at Dyncorp who is now officially part of the family as the girls have deemed him "uncle Russ" Here are some of the best pictures from our weekend.

Me, Amy and my nephew Jacob
Amy and two of her three kidos Jacob and Seirra
Lanie bug wearing daddy's goofy hat

My brother in law Eric and my niece Megan
This is the best picture of the girls I have gotten in a long time
Naomi , Jacob, Megan, Sierra, and Jade ( Lanie refused to be in the picture)
Ryan and Lanie
Naomi and I

Ryan, Lanie, and Russ being super silly

Sunday, July 6, 2008

More festival pictures

the girls thinking about getting thier faces painted

naomi decided on a horse

lanie got a flower

this is her first time to get her face painted
naomi loved the rabbits they were her favorite
lanie loved the goats!
lanie does not like to bounce she prefers to lay down

naomi loves to jump in the bounce houses

Festival on the Concho 2008

We recently went to the Festival on the Concho River here in town. It has become a family favorite. This year my good friend angela and her daughter lauran joined the girls and I. There are tons of activities for the kids to do at the festival. One of my favorites in the hot air balloon lift that kicks off the weekend event at 7am on Saturday morning. It is amazing to watch the 8-10 balloons fill with hot air and then fly away. After the hot air balloon lift we got breakfast burritos and walked down to the festival. They have a great kids fair with a petting zoo, face paint, carnival booths, jump houses, and all kinds of food, just about everything you can think of. On the way back to the car we found a great spot to take the kids pictures... hope you enjoy!

Lanie watching the balloons fly

the girls: lauran, naomi and lanie

Naomi had so much fun can't you tell
naomi and lauran

Swimming in the front yard

The girls have had a great time swimming this summer. Most days we go to the local pool ... on the days that we don't make it there they love to swim in the front yard.

Monday, June 16, 2008

easter 2008

I thought I had lost all of our Easter pictures but I found them hidden on my laptop. We had Easter at our house this year with all of Ryan's family. We did the traditional HEB brisket, potato salad, beans, cobbler ect. Then we let the kids hunt for Easter eggs in the front yard. It was FREEZING COLD! but the kids has a great time. My favorite is as usual the confetti eggs. Here are a few of the post worthy pictures.

Sidewalk Chalk

Summer is really here and the girls are having a great time playing outside. This was what we drew one saturday morning before it got to be the ususal 105 degrees.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The USAF at its BEST!

The USAF Thunderbirds came to visit San Angelo in mid March. It was AWESOME. I have always loved airshows... I guess that comes with being an Air Force kid. I have never seen so many people on Kickerbacher road! It was backed up all the way to the loop. People had parked on the side of the road for miles to get a view of the show without actually dealing with all of the people at the airport. My sister in law, her kids, and Naomi and I braved the crowds and even ran into De Dad at the show. It was so much fun and brought back so many happy childhood memories from when I was growing up with my parents. It was definitely an experience though to brave and air show as a civilian. I gained a whole new appreciation for the VIP treatment we used to get when dad was the base commander! Thanks Dad!

Tiny artists

The girls really wanted to paint after supper tonight. So we got out the paints! Naomi and Lanie painted lots of different pictures for us to make into thank you cards for her birthday gifts. They are quite the little artists. The first to receive these works of art ...why papa and nona of course!

Play time

The girls where playing the other day.... Naomi was the mother and she had put Lanie (who she called baby Leto) to bed and was wheeling her around the house in our wagon. It was pretty cute if I do say so myself. For as much as they fight... I really enjoy watching them play together because when the do get along they can be so sweet to each other.