Sunday, July 6, 2008

Festival on the Concho 2008

We recently went to the Festival on the Concho River here in town. It has become a family favorite. This year my good friend angela and her daughter lauran joined the girls and I. There are tons of activities for the kids to do at the festival. One of my favorites in the hot air balloon lift that kicks off the weekend event at 7am on Saturday morning. It is amazing to watch the 8-10 balloons fill with hot air and then fly away. After the hot air balloon lift we got breakfast burritos and walked down to the festival. They have a great kids fair with a petting zoo, face paint, carnival booths, jump houses, and all kinds of food, just about everything you can think of. On the way back to the car we found a great spot to take the kids pictures... hope you enjoy!

Lanie watching the balloons fly

the girls: lauran, naomi and lanie

Naomi had so much fun can't you tell
naomi and lauran

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