Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Official Photo's are in!

These are the official photo's taken by the USAF photogropher from my dad's promotion ceremony to General (that means 4 stars) The ceremony was on January 9th at the Pentegon in the Hall of Heros. It was an unbeleiveable ceremony. It was amazing to see the support my parents got from friends both military and civilian, church friends and family. I was so glad to get to be there on such a momentous occasion in my dads career. We got to have a guided tour of the 9/11 memorial which was heart wrenching. It was a once in a life time event that is for sure!


Hol&J said...

Congratulations to your dad! What an accomplishment.

It's great that you were able to attend and see everything!

XD45 said...

Awesome just awesome tell you Father Thank-you for his many years of service in protecting our freedom & congratulations.

West said...

This is fantastic! I am sure your father looks at this to see the grandkiddos. So, thank you Sir. for protecting my family. I appreciate your service and leadership. I can't remember if I met you before, but I think I did. I was on the NHS swim tam with Karoline. As I look back on those crazy days, I remember noticing your daughters integrity and honor in all she did. (which is is surprising because I was usually busy trying to make people laugh and was going 100 miles an hour not noticing much) But I did notice it and because of it I liked to be around her because it felt good and she wouldn't let you slack off or be to"stupid"(which ironically I think most youth want/need that in their lives). Not that we were best friends or anything but we were/are friends and I am proud of having a family that has dedicated their lives to freedom. Thank you.

Due to the fact I am writing this at 4:30 A.M. I want to throw in the disclaimer that I am not a crazy psycho, but a crazed dad that doesn't understand why he is unable get back to sleep when he is so very tired and has be continuously having to get up for bottles, monsters, bad dreams, and scary noises night after night.

Oh well, it is worth it. Good night..I mean morning.

Christina said...

Congrats to your daddio!!!