Friday, November 2, 2007

Our trip to waco

We recently made a trip to Waco to see my mom, aunt Rena, Ma Ma and a good portion of the Mansfield crew. We had a wonderful visit! We all met for lunch at On the Border and then headed to Aunt Beth and Uncle Mike's house to visit. It was so nice to see family we have not seen in so long. I was glad that the girls got to see Ma Ma and aunt Rena it has been over a year since we had seen them. It felt great to be back in Waco with the Mansfield's and made me a little sad that we no longer lived there so close to that part of our family. Unfortunately I neglected to charge my camera batteries before I left and only got a few pictures of the girls with my mom and Paw Paw Field. My mom who is well know in our family for her Kodak disposable camera saved the day... but I do not yet have those pictures to post....

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