Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fiesta in the Concho

So last weekend was one of my favorite times in San Angelo .... Fiesta on the Concho .... I took the girls down on Friday night to have a look at what was all there this year...found a pony ride, a petting zoo, ran into some friends from church and watched some model boat races .... Saturday Lanie decided to wake up at 5:30 so the girls and I all got up and went to see them launch the hot air balloons at 7:30 in the morning which was AWESOME! the girls loved it and so did I... ran in to Me maw and D-dad ( Ryan's mom and step dad)...we walked around the frontier day stuff at fort concho.... went to the framers market and then back to the fiesta to ride that pony, pet those baby bunnies at the petting zoo and of course eat a couple hot dogs....

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BIg Daddy Brewer said...

Looks like the cancha was fun. Your kids a beautiful and it looks like you guys are having fun being a pretty active family.